The story of Make-A-Wish international

It all started with one wish… Watch the exciting story behind the establishment of the Make-A-Wish and the extraordinary way in which an entire community was mobilized to fulfill one magical wish. Make-A-Wish was founded in 1980 in the USA, by a group of people who together, fulfilled the wish of Chris, a 7-year-old boy with cancer, who dreamed of being a policeman for a day.

Since then, more than 500,000 wishes have been fulfilled all over the world thanks to the generosity of donors and more than 50,000 volunteers around the world. Make-A-Wish is represented in 45 countries around the world, and 60 chapters in the United States.

Chris Greicius

The wish that inspired the establishment of the association

The child always come first:

Integrity: We are honest, respectful and act with full transparency.

Impact: Our work helps to transform the lives of the children we serve.

Innovation: We are imaginative and creative.

Community: We are a diverse group of people working together towards one common goal.

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