Make-A-Wish Israel

Make-A-Wish Israel is part of an international organization founded in the USA in 1980, which aims to fulfill the wishes of children between the ages of 3-18 who are fighting a critical illness.

Denise and Avi established the Israeli branch of Make-A-Wish in 1996, in memory of David Spero, Denise's brother. Their common goal is to fulfill wishes of children suffering from critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish Israel has been operating since 1996 and has fulfilled over 5,500 transformational wishes to children.

In fulfilling the child’s one true wish, Make-A-Wish strives to provide a powerful and life-changing experience, an experience that gives hope, strength and joy during the most difficult period of their young lives. In many places around the world, doctors treat the wish fulfillment, as an integral part of the child’s health care.

The wishes fall into 4 categories; to be, to go, to have and to meet. Examples are - To go to a family vacation in Israel; To have - a new laptop, electric guitar, or room makeover; To meet - their favorite singer, their favorite movie star or favorite sports star; To be - a firefighter, a veterinarian, a CEO of a company or even a king or queen for a day.

Donations to Make-A-Wish Israel are recognized by the government as a tax-deductible expense, in accordance with the provisions of section 46 of the government ordinance. Make -A-Wish Israel can also provide tax deductible receipts to doners from the US, CANADA and the UK.

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