Information for volunteers

Thank you for the interest in volunteering for Make-A-Wish Israel.

There are several volunteering options in our foundation:

1. Interviewing wish children:
Our volunteers are trained to interview children with a critical illness and capture their greatest wish in order to bring hope, stregth and joy to them during the most diffucult times of their young lives.

2. Wish granter:
After the wish is captured our trained wish granters work together with Make-A-Wish staff to create the journey prior to the wish, the magical wish itself and all of its many components to guaranty that the wish is unforgettable and transformational for the child.     

3. Kids for wish kids project – activities in schools:
As part of raising resources and raising awareness in the community, the kids for wish kids project is one that we are most proude of. As part of the project, schools adopt a wish that touches the hearts of the children, decide on a fundraising activity to fulfill the wish and produce an event or fundraising activity.

Volunteering is not on a regular basis, and involves attending the various schools making presentations to the students, meeting with teachers and assisting with the fundraising event itself.

4. Wish Challenge:

Our volunteers that are interested in contributing to coroporate activities will love this! The Wish Challenge workshop is a platform for companies to give their employees the opportunity to fulfill a wish for a sick child and create a magic that lasts forever, thus experiencing the true essence of giving. At the end of the process the company employees get to understand the power and strength in fulfilling a wish. The Wish Challenge workshop is a unique workshop that aims to design, fulfill and generate wishes for children with critial illness.

As volunteers, you are invited to interest your workplace as well as open doors to other companies that would ile to participate in this amazing CSR program.

5. Cooperation with companies:

As volunteers, you may have an idea or activity as well as a campaign that will help in the fullfilment of granting wishes through corporate collaborations We welcome all of these creative ideas. 

6. Administrative assistance in the Make-A-Wish office:

Volunteers who wish to come and help us during the work week are welcome.
Hours are flexible. 

Administrative assistance varies from sending letters, working on a computer and researching on the Internet, telephones to families or vendors and other diverse office tasks. Our office hours are Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 08:30 – 16:3

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