Information for volunteers

Dear interested parties,

First of all, we thank you for the interest you show in volunteering in our association’s activities.

During this challenging period of the Corona, we changed the way the association operates. In order to maintain the health of the children, volunteers and employees of the association, and in accordance with the guidelines, we try not to come into contact with the children.

Interviewers of Wish Children –

As part of the association’s activities, a volunteer on our behalf contacts the family, and interviews the child in a telephone conversation, a zoom or Facebook time meeting, with the help of the parents and in a way that is convenient for the family.

With the help of a structured interview form, we try to get to know the child’s inner world and interview him about his wish.

Of course it is different from a personal encounter, which we have done so far, but we adapt ourselves to reality.

Fulfilling wishes
As part of coordinating the wishes we encounter very creative and original requests from the wish children. In order to produce the most beautiful wishes we can we need volunteers who can search for businesses online, contact them by phone or email, go to stores and tell about the wish they are working on and the like. Volunteering is not permanent and is based on the free time a volunteer has to allocate to activities. This is volunteering from home or in the immediate area of ​​residence. All activities are in coordination and teamwork with the office’s wish coordinators.

“Children for the Wishing Children” project – activities in schools in Israel –

As part of raising resources and raising awareness in the community, the “Children for the Children of Wishes” project is working. As part of the project, schools adopt a wish that touches the hearts of the children, decide on a fundraising activity to fulfill the wish and produce an event or fundraising activity.

Assistance with events and inquiries to schools or youth movements is welcome. Volunteering is not on a regular basis, and involves attending the various schools in the area of ​​residence for presentations with teachers or assisting with the fundraising event itself.

Wish Challenge Our Wish Workshop –

The association has launched a workshop for companies that are interested in contributing to our activities, but are also interested in taking part in it and involving its employees in contributing to the community. The workshop is a platform for companies to give their employees the opportunity to fulfill a wish for a sick child and create a magic that lasts forever, thus experiencing the true essence of giving. At the end of the process the company employees get to understand the power and strength in fulfilling a wish. The Wish Challenge workshop is a unique workshop that aims to design, fulfill and generate wishes for children with life-threatening illness.

As volunteers, you are invited to interest your workplaces and those close to you in holding such a workshop with them.

Cooperation with companies –

The association works for collaborations with companies and businesses whose world of values ​​is similar or who are interested in revealing the association’s activities through their business activities. As volunteers, if you have an idea for such a venture / activity that you are interested in promoting, we would love to hear from you.

Administrative assistance in the association’s offices –

Volunteers who wish to come and help us during the work week are welcome. Whether on a spot basis before events and the like or on a regular basis on a weekly or monthly basis. Help varies from sending letters, working on a computer and the Internet, telephones to families or vendors and other diverse office pursuits. Office hours on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 08:30 – 16:30.

Volunteer of the month

Each month we choose to commend one of our volunteers for his unique contribution to the association’s activities. For the month of December, Davar Yehoshua

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Our volunteers

At the heart of Make-A-Wish Israel are very special people who donate their time and efforts to the foundation- our volunteers! Get to know the

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