Stars for stars

Dream Team

Spider-Man for one day - Israel Today

climbing mount klimanjaro for wishes

Sports 1 for the children of wish

From our family to your family - Disney campaign

Noa Kirl - Ambassador

Doron met Keren Peles

An article in the "main edition" of the news about Nitzan's wish - to be a character of the actor Jim Carrey for one day

Ziv's wish - hospitality at Guy Pines

Sol's wish - to write a song

"You can laugh about everything, even cancer"

The gymnast who recovered from cancer helps children fulfill dreams

Naomi's wish - a princess for one day

Noy's wish - pilot for one day

Spider-Man for one day: The residents of Shlomi fulfilled the dream for Eli

Neta Alchemister and Guy Barnea fulfill Rumi's wish

Make-A-Wish at i24

DAVID blatt

Making magic with make-a-wish-israel

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