Our volunteers

At the heart of Make-A-Wish Israel are very special people who donate their time and efforts to the foundation- our volunteers! Get to know the smiling faces behind the people who help us grant as many wishes as we possibly can.

Would you like to volunteer and get involved? There are many ways in which you can participate.

Whether it is interviewing wish children, office administration, events or contributing your time and skillset in your area of specialization- everything is appreciated

Do you interest in joining our volunteer team?
Give us a call at 09-7602848

2 Responses
  1. יערה Reply

    אני מעוניינת לקבל מידע על התנדבות ב”משאלת לב” ומתקשה להשיג אתכם טלפונית…
    אשמח שתחזרו אלי ל-0528645145
    תודה רבה

    • talia burak Reply

      שלום יערה,
      תודה על פנייתך ומצטערים שלא הצלחת לתפוס אותנו..
      ניצור איתך קשר היום בהקדם האפשרי.

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