Noa Kirel – Make-A-Wish Israel’s Global Ambassador and one of the most famous singers in Israel.

Noa is also Israel’s representative for Eurovision 2023, and a talented international singer with a magnificent repertoire. She is also an actress and television host and won the MTV Europe Music Awards from 2017-2021.

The highest bidder for this experience will win a personal meeting with Noa as well as the opportunity to do a Tik Tok together!

A once in a lifetime experience with one of the most famous singers and songwriters in Israel – Static and Jordi!

Static – A successful pop singer and rapper
Jordi – A musician, creator and music producer
Together they can help you write a new song or work on your song to make it better!
The highest bid for this experience will win a personal meeting
with these two incredible artists, get tips and professional guidance and maybe create a new hit!

Agam Buhbut- One on one

Meet Agam Buhbut! The talented singer and winner of the 2022 Choice of the Year Award, will meet with the lucky winner and even create a TikTok video with him!

The highest bidder of this incredible experience will have great fun and enjoy the company of this lovely artist!

Aki Avni – Private acting lesson

Aki Avni, TV program host, actor and winner of the Ophir award for best actor, invites you to a private acting lesson!

Win a private acting lesson with Aki!
including tips to help you with auditions.

Michelin Chef Moshik Roth is A board member of Make-A-Wish Israel and one of the most important Chef’s in Israel.

The highest bidder will have the opportunity to invite 10 very lucky participants to their home and be part of a cooking workshop that you will not forget, including a lecture from Moshik on his philosophy and his culinary experience.

Lior Raz – A private dinner

Lior Raz, famous Israelו actor & screenwriter Winner of the Academy award in 2017 and actor in the famous Fauda series will meet you for a private dinner at the luxurious Kempinski hotel in Tel Aviv.

Tamir Greenberg – Jam session

Tamir Greenberg – singer, pianist and composer, winner of the reality TV show “Hakochav Haba” , invites you to a unique musical event.

The winner of this bid will enjoy a jam session with Tamir Greenberg dedicated to good music and creativity.   

Tzipi Shavit- babysitter

Tzipi Shavit is one of Make-A-Wish Israel’s dearest friends in addition to being one of the most famous comedians in Israel.

The highest bidder will have the opportunity to have Tzipi babysit their children.
This is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience!!!!!

Tandoori Experience by Reena Pushkarna

The incredible Indian Chef Reena Pushkarna will cook for your 15 guests including yourself and host you in her Herzliya Pituach restaurant on the top floor. A delicious experience.

Yehuda Levy – Private one on one coffee date

Yehuda Levy, an Israeli actor and model, Winner of 2 Television academy awards as well as Best Actor Award at the “Series Mania” 2022 Festival.

Yehuda Levy invites the highest bid to a private one on one coffee date.

Bar Refaeli – Meeting on set

Bar Refaeli – Israeli and International top model, TV host and business woman.

Secure this special experience of joining Bar at one of her photoshoots, learn and see what happens behind the scenes of a Brands photoshoots,
and win a short one on one meeting with fabulous Bar! 

Liran Danino – Musical master class

Liran Danino – singer, actor, songwriter and leading musician in Israel, invites you to a most musical experience.

The highest bid for this experience will win a singing session with Liran, which will include an intimate conversation about Liran’s life story & musical journey
The meeting will emphasize the importance of listening to one’s self and dealing with the various life experiences.
This special gathering will host a group of up to 30 people.

On Refaeli – One on one meeting

On Refaeli an ambassador of Make-A-Wish Israel, actor and singer.

On will meet the very lucky winner for coffee and share his experience in the entertainment in Israel and being part of one of the most famous families in Israel.

Reef Neeman- one on one

Reef Neeman – Make-A-Wish Israel’s Ambassador as well as an actress, model and TV host want’s to meet you! When was the last time you had coffee with an actress from the Netflix sensation FAUDA?

The highest bid for this experience will win a personal one on one meeting with a beautiful Reef over a cup of coffee.
At the meeting you can talk to Reef, ask her questions about her career and hear about her experiences of acting and modeling.

Avi Singolda – 2 tickets to Avi Singolda’s show + pre-show rehearsal

Avi Singolda, the number one guitarist in Israel who works with the greatest Israeli artists, among them of course Shlomo Artzi, is inviting you to his show.

Win 2 tickets to Avi Singolda’s show as well as watching the pre-show rehearsal.

Lior Suchard – A fascinating meeting

Lior Suchard, top Israeli mentalist wants to meet! A fascinating meeting with the mentalist, talent, presenter & entertainer Lior Suchard,

The highest bid for this offer, will award the winner, together with 4 other of his/her guests with a one of kind sensory experience with Lior suchard.


LIA SPEISER is an  artist and home stylist.

Win the artist’s unique piece of art “GRANTER OF ALL WISHES” a hand made painting of a pink butterfly framed in glass and wood.

Maccabi Tel-Aviv Basketball club – One-on-one game

Prestigious Maccabi Tel-Aviv Basketball club.

The highest bid will win a game with one of the Israeli team players.
In addition, will receive a ball signed by the players as well as an original Jersey of one of the team players.

Neta Alchimister – Personal meeting and a gift

Neta Alchimister – A personal meeting, a conversation about her business journey and a gift 

Win the opportunity to get to know Neta better and spend some fun time with her
The highest bid will get the chance to meet Neta at her Swimwear shop, drink coffee, hear the story behind the swimwear brand and even receive a bathing suit!

Gil Neuhaus – 18 carat pink gold pendant

Gil Neuhaus , one of the most prestigious Israeli Jewelry designers owner of Neuhaus Jewelry is offering a unique masterpiece.

This is your chance to acquire an 18 carat gold necklace decorated with an inlaid 18 carat rose gold seahorse pendant 0.10 ct white diamonds 

Yuval Shamla – A personal training

Yuval Shamla – Ambassador of Make-A-Wish Israel and the big winner of “Ninja Israel” 3 times! The 16th Ninja in the world, a world athlete and a figure of inspiration for anyone.

The highest bid for this experience will win A personal training with Yuval, suitable for all levels!
Enjoy your practice.

Yael Elkana – One on one meeting

One on one with Yael Elkana! – Israeli actress and model, winner of “ The singer in the mask” 

The highest bid will be granted a meeting in a photoshoot session with Yael Elkana

Tamir Blatt – One on one training session

Tamir Blatt- An Israeli professional Basketball player who playes for Alba Berlin invites you to a very sporty meeting.

The highest bidder will win a one on one training session with Tamir Blatt!

Segev Moshe – A dinner at “Nihon no-ba” Japanese restaurant!

Segev Moshe – a chef who owns dozens of restaurants including Segev Express, Segev Concept, Nihon no-ba and more, host of Israeli cooking TV shows and a friend of Make-A-Wish Israel, invites you to a meal at his restaurant.

The lucky winner of this bid will enjoy a dinner for 6 cooked by Segev at his Nihon no-ba Japanese restaurant!

Shelly Gafni – Private session

Shelly Gafni – makeup artist, model and business woman

The highest bid for this experience will win a particularly beautiful experience!
This will include a private makeup session with Shelly in which you will receive tips for applying makeup and product recommendations!

Andy Ram – One-on-one meeting and game

Andy Ram – Israeli Tennis champion invites you to a private game with him!

The highest bid for this experience will enable the winner a one-on-one meeting and game with the legendary Andry Ram

Stephane Legar – Private dance lesson

Stephane Legar – singer, dancer and model, famous in Israel and France!

The highest offer for this exciting meeting will enable the lucky winner an hour private dance lesson with Stephane. In case the winner resides in France the meeting will be for coffee with Stephane!  

Liat Ashuri – Life changing lecture on style

Liat Ashuri – Stylist and main dresser in TV Shows.

The highest bid for this experience will win a life changing lecture on style which will undoubtfully upgrade your appearance!
The lecture will help you transform your clothing consumption habits and build your own personalized wardrobe with tips on how to dress according to figure and fashion trends.
The lecture is intended for up to 10 participants. 

Karin Aliya – meeting on a photo shoot session

Karin Aliya – Make-A-Wish Israel ambassador, model, actress and Israel’s 2016 beauty contest winner.

The highest bid for this experience will win the donor a meeting on a photo set with Karin Alia. The meeting will include several joint photographs and a personal conversation with Karin.

Daniel Peretz – private practice

Daniel Peretz one of Israel’s Make-A-Wish Ambassadors and the goalkeeper for Maccabi Tel-Aviv soccer.

The lucky winner will have a private one on one practice with this famous soccer player!

Maya Gold – A private lesson

Maya Gold – An Israeli Artist & lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Maya invites the highest bid to two private oil painting lessons for 1-2 people, 2.5 hour long for each lesson.
Win this valuable rewarding experience!

The Cameri Theatre – Pair of tickets and a backstage tour

The Cameri Theatre in collaboration with Orna Porat theater invites you to watch one of these 2 plays: either: Rumpelstiltskin or Peter Pan

The highest bid will win a pair of tickets to one of the above shows (of winners choice) and a backstage tour.

shopping experience

Do you like shopping? If so, you will love this experience!

The highest offer on this bid, will win a voucher worth 3,000 NIS for shopping at one of the REPLAY stores in Israel.

Galit jaspan- a lecture on ADHD

Galit Yitzfan- lecturer, parents’ guide, therapist for children & adults suffering from ADHD, invites you to a fascinating lecture.

The highest bid for this experience will win an unforgettable lecture which will provide practical tools and creative methods to deal with the small and big difficulties ADHD creates.

The lecture will be held in a private home (at bid winner’s choice) and is intended for up to 20 people.

Ritz Carlton Herzliya – A VIP stay

Ritz Carlton Herzliya. A VIP stay at this luxurious hotel, located in the Marina port of Herzliya, will take your breath away.

The lucky winner will enjoy a night in the Ritz Carlton’s Herzliya’s VIP suites

The David Kempinski hotel Tel-Aviv – A VIP stay

The David Kempinski Tel-Aviv – your urban beachfront escape! A VIP stay at this luxurious hotel, located by Tel-Aviv Promenade.

The lucky winner will enjoy a night for 2 guests in the stunning Executive suite (B&B).

Yifat Oved 

Yifat Oved – designer of diamond and gemstone jewelry, Yifat’s jewelry is elegantly designed, with a unique style, and attention to the smallest details.

The highest bid for this item will win the donor one of the items on the list.
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