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Yoav Gross (48) is one of Israel senior producers he Is the CEO and founder Of  “Yoav Gross Productions”, one of the largest and most active TV production companies in Israel.

established in the year 2000 The company holds extensive experience in making good and successful television and stands behind some of the most successful tv shows in Israel.

Yoav Gross productions is an award-winning production company that produces a diverse range of premium content from episodic series, documentaries, films, branded & commercial content, and immersive new media content.

Yoav Is also the owner and the founder of “GAGA management”, the company behinds Israel leading entertainers and musicians. the company produces stand-up performances music festivals and entertainment shows at the highest level.

among the talents the company represents are some of Israel’s biggest Names like Static and Ben El Tavori, Mergui, Agam Buhbut, Shalom Asayag , Yuval Samo and more.

Yoav lives in Ramat Hasharon he  is married and he has 3 kids.

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